6 Effective Alternatives to ‘No Contact’: A detailed guide to Leaving your Covert Ex while Co-Parenting.

Sherile Turner-Myles
8 min readMay 7

Leaving a toxic relationship with a covert ex can be complex and challenging, especially when children are involved.

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Many people often believe that the only solution to a toxic relationship is to go no contact, but this isn’t always possible or practical when you have children with your ex. The good news is that effective strategies can help you leave a toxic relationship while co-parenting.

Leaving a relationship with a covert narcissist can be a challenging and daunting task, particularly when co-parenting is involved. Covert narcissists can be particularly manipulative and controlling, making it difficult to end the relationship and move on. It can become even more complex when children are involved, as the need for ongoing communication and contact cannot be avoided.

In this post, I will discuss unconventional strategies to navigate this difficult process, prioritising your well-being and maintaining healthy boundaries while co-parenting with a covert narcissistic partner. I will also reveal six hidden gems you can use to leave a relationship with a covert narcissistic partner and co-parent.

Here are six effective, practical strategies that make sense for mothers who want to leave a toxic relationship.

Build a Support Network:

Building a support network is essential in leaving a toxic relationship with a covert ex, especially when co-parenting is involved. A support network can provide emotional support and guidance, which can help you to navigate the ups and downs of leaving a toxic relationship. Here are some additional details and a ‘hidden gem’ tactic to consider:

Reach Out to Trusted Family and Friends: This is often the first step in building a support network. Be honest about your situation and ask for their support in whatever feels best. This could mean regular phone calls, coffee dates, or just having someone vent.

Consider Joining a Support Group: Joining a support group can be a great way to connect with others who are going through similar experiences. Many online and in-person support groups are available for individuals leaving toxic relationships. You…

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