Can Covert Narcissistic Abuse Make You Sick? Here are 3 Ways Toxic Abuse can Impact Your Physical Health

Sherile Turner-Myles
6 min readMay 16, 2024

Are you always sick? Have you been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, or an autoimmune condition? Your Covert Narcissist might just be responsible!

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For the most part, my blog has delved deep into the emotional and mental repercussions of an entanglement with a covert narcissist. However, in a recent client consultation, the conversation veered towards an often-overlooked aspect: the physical ramifications of toxic relationships.

While the current health narrative revolves around stressful lifestyle choices, obesity, and even poor work-life balance, scant attention is paid to the direct link between the traumas inflicted by a toxic partner and our physical well-being.

So, brace yourself if you have ever wondered how your relationship might be silently shaping your health. I have found several credible studies that point to chronic conditions, hormonal upheaval, and even cancer risks that can be attributed to the presence of a covert narcissist in your life.

Below are four studies that shed light on the hidden physical toll of toxic relationships:

I. Hormonal Havoc:



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