Single On Valentine’s Day, A Blessing Or A Curse?

Sherile Turner-Myles
4 min readFeb 9, 2022
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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and as with all things related to your mental health, you get to decide what your values, beliefs, and thoughts are associated with the holiday. If you are single, now is probably an excellent time to remind yourself of this fact. You have more control over your mood than you think, but it does take dedication, hard work, and time to have healthy and positive self-talk! If you want to be in a relationship or are lamenting the loss of love, I understand how Valentine’s Day can be challenging, annoying, and painful.

You see the symbols and reminders everywhere that people in love get to celebrate a special romantic day together and because of your singleness, you are not invited to the party. The pink and red hearts, flowers, and chocolates that you see in every store reinforce that people in romantic relationships should be celebrating and that this celebration does not apply to you, but is that really an accurate assumption? Is there really anything wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day? Could this be one of those holidays where being single is really a blessing?

The Pros of Being Single on Valentine’s Day:

Do not have to spend extra money

Do not have to fight for reservations at a crowded restaurant

Do not have to worry about under or over celebrating the holiday

Do not have to plan and stress about unique and innovative ways to show love

Can do something nice for yourself

Can do something nice for friends, family, pets, or charity

The Cons of Being Single on Valentine’s Day:

You are reminded that you are alone

You do not feel loved

You feel like something is wrong with you because you are single

You feel like you are not allowed to participate in the celebration

Let’s start with the list of Pros. In my opinion as a therapist, there are many positives to being single on Valentine’s Day. It can be a great motivator to practice self-care and self- love. Maybe you buy yourself some flowers, a sweet treat, or get a massage. Splurge on you! You can cook a healthy meal…

Sherile Turner-Myles

I write about Covert Narcissism and other Personality Disorders, and how they impact relationships.


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