Did You Get An Apology on Valentines Day?

Sherile Turner-Myles
3 min readFeb 14, 2024

Why Narcissists Never Say Sorry!

My dear friends, as Valentine’s Day approaches, I am reminded of the poignant significance of this day dedicated to love and affection. However, for many of my clients, it becomes an annual reminder of disappointment and frustration, especially when dealing with covert partners who consistently make excuses for not celebrating.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Here are six common excuses covert narcissists may use to avoid celebrating Valentine’s Day:

  • Claiming they don’t believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day.
  • “Forgetting” about the occasion altogether.
  • Using it as a form of punishment for perceived slights or disagreements.
  • Saying that something urgent or unexpected has come up, preventing them from making plans.
  • Dismissing the significance of the day and insisting it’s just another ordinary day.
  • Blaming financial constraints or other external factors for their inability to participate in celebrations.

It’s a pattern that leaves many feeling neglected and unappreciated, wondering why their significant other can’t simply acknowledge the importance of the day or make an effort to show their love and affection.



Sherile Turner-Myles

I write about Covert Narcissism and other Personality Disorders, and how they impact relationships.